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ARASHI * Frame

elitejean [noun] -- a person of questionable sanity who starts their own cult

Oh dear, my blog title is so amusing^^ I've always known something was wrong with me, now I know the answer. Maybe I'll get to work on that cult soon XD If you guys want to know how you are defined in the dictionary, you can go here and have a great laugh at what you'll discover: http://www.quizgalaxy.com/quiz/83/

Moving on, here's the re-sized wallpapers as promised!! I did not re-size the requested Ohno-man wallpapers because I lost the PSD. I tried re-sizing the image regularly but the quality wasn't really that good. but if anyone still wants it just let me know!! I'll be happy to re-size it for you :]

size: 1280x800

size: 1440x900

size: 1280x1024

Click on the thumbnails to full view/download, etc.
Do not copy, steal or modify!!

Regarding icons, if there's any you can't use but still want to use...let me know and I'll re-size/fix them for you. I'll make some more icons next time. Don't worry the next time around I'll make sure that they are all under 40kb!! There will be some "friends only" banners since I've got requests for those too and maybe wallpapers *if I have time*

To those who want me to do their LJ layouts/themes or whatever else it's called. I honestly do not know html/css!! The only thing I can make for you is a header, banner, a design for your userinfo and maybe find you a nice pattern for your background. That's how I do mine all the time. I am not being selfish, I just really do not know any coding and stuff. If you notice I always use "flexible squares" cause that's the only thing I know how to modify. If you are still interested in having me make gfx for your LJ then I will be very glad to, leave me a message/comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can :]

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Anyway, that should be it^^ I'm off to do other stuff!!
Hope everyone else is having a great weekend.
Always take care guys and be happy :]

ARASHI * Sho (Flames)

it finally came <3

Something awesome came today!!
It's that "thing" that I've been waiting for.
But before I get to that, I'll post this first:

To silver881 (Wendi-chan)
I meant to post this earlier but I went to my cousins bday party in Burbank.
Anyway, I wish you had a great bday!!
Here's some Keii-chan for you!! Hope you like it...

Btw, thanks for all the help. I'll be sure to check "Jirou" out soon!!
I think I'll DL it because episode 2 is broken XD
NEWS should have their very own TV show too!!

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