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Phone Wallies (Batch 2) + New Layout^^

Last post for 2009^^ The desktop wallies I promised...they're not all done yet XD I'll put them up soon. The only ones I have ready are the TomaPi ones but I won't share them til I finish the others!! Anyway, here's batch 2...hope you guys enjoy the stuff^^ I also added links to download them in a zip folder, scroll below!!

I've been pretty busy with work so I'm thinking of holding off requests but everyone says that they are willing to wait XD thanks so much guys *hugs* I changed my LJ layout...do you guys like it?? It's Cinderella-like with Prince Charming SHO^^ Anyway, I'm not gonna pic spam (that will be on my next post!!) because I think I have over 100 phone wallpapers to share here XD Also, we'll be celebrating/welcoming 2010 in a hospital. My grandma has been hospitalized since last Monday...we're not sure when she'll be released yet.

To those I still haven't replied back to from batch 1...I'm so sorry...but I will get around to reading and replying to everyone as soon as I can!! Here are the phone wallies^^ As always, do not copy, steal or modify!! Credits and comments are LOVE!! Enjoy them ^_______^

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all images in one folder^^
for batch 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?iq3l5tg0zby
for batch 2:

you can view batch 1 here:


this entry is batch2!!

As always, all of the images above have desktop sized versions!! please use the tags on the right to find them. Asking me might not help because I don't know where they are either since I make so much stuff. Again, just use the tags on the right^^ that's it from me!! have fun with my stuff!! have a very wonderful new year guys *hugs* i'll share personal holiday pics next time^^