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Credits, Resources and Stuff!!

Hello and welcome to my LJ!!
It's about time that I post one of these up^^
Enjoy the stuff :]

Anyway, feel free to add me BUT before/after you click that ADD FRIEND link/button, it would be nice if you can leave me a little comment here. Don't worry, I don't bite. I just think that it would be nice to try to get to know the people who friend-ed me here^^ Besides, my LJ is wide open; from my graphics to my personal ramblings and pic spams!! *but that might change soon XD, it might become friends only*

So, just leave me a little something, you can say/type whatever you want!! I'm glad that you dropped by and I hope to talk to you soon!! Happy happy days & always take care^^

Many thanks to the following people!! Because of their awesomeness, I can make some graphics!! From textures to png's, patterns and fonts and many more. Please check them out too when you have time. I only get my stuff from very few places, I don't really go around looking for them XD I just usually re-visit the ones that I already tried and fell in love with. I have a feeling that this list will really grow though.

I'm sure you'll find many wonderful things at their links/pages for your graphic work too!!

Yup, they are mostly from deviantart!!
All of them are also on my DA friend list.
My DA link is http://elitejean.deviantart.com/
Please visit me at DA too when you have time!!

I also want to thank the lovely people who send me pictures for my graphics, and of course also to those who take the time to scan magazines and stuff!! I know that it's a lot of work and it takes time too, so really thank you from the bottom of my fangirl heart^^ Please visit the following links too when you have time. I'm sure you'll find tons of fantastic images for use on your wallpapers, banners, icons, etc. **Jean is not responsible for any dizziness and extreme blood loss via nosebleed that may be caused when visiting the following links. Links posted are mostly of LJ communities that feature gorgeous men like "Sakurai Sho-sama" XD**

Lastly, I mostly get stuff by searching off google so if you find something that is yours in any of my graphics/stuff please do not hesitate to let me know^^ If I used it, that means I think your stuff is fantastic and I would love to share to the others your awesomeness XD
Another site that's a fave of mine for stocks is flickr and stock exchange...oh, and the gallery at asianfanatics (AF) **Jean has a terrible memory and she's quite forgetful (-______-)** I'll be updating this list again soon!! Thanks so much!!
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