January 21st, 2012

ARASHI * Crazy Moon

Kanjani8 Wallpapers + Foodies!

I know. This post is looooong overdue XD I'm sorry. Well, it's better late than never. The Ikuta Toma and 2NE1 wallpapers I'm working on are not all done yet so those will be posted some other time. Below are K8 wallpapers. I made them with a lot of space for icons just as requested. A few of them were requested last year and have been sitting in my computer for months XD The person who requested probably forgot about them already. Well, it's a waste not to share so here they are. There are different sizes for most of them. The ones that I made earlier only have a 1024x768 size. As much as I would like to re-size it, I no longer have the psd file. Hope you'll enjoy them anyway!


As always, Do NOT Copy, Modify, Steal.
Please click thumbnail images to download/full-view!
Enjoy them! Credits are always nice.

I'm in a bit of a rush today so I won't type much and just get the images posted.
The sizes will be typed below each thumbnail to avoid confusion.
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I'll end it with Aiko-chan <3

I'm off! I need to get ready!

I'm having late lunch later today at Bottega Louie, cocktails at Perch or Drago Centro and dinner at Xai. Tomorrow I'm going to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. I'm having lunch at The Huntley Hotel's "The Penthouse" followed by some retail therapy then dinner at "The Bazaar" by Jose Andres (SLS Hotel Beverly Hills) then some crepes to finish the weekend at Harajuku Crepe. Hope everyone is having a great weekend too! Take care!