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090810 GFX Update!! (2NE1, Ikuta Toma, NEWS, Fahrenheit, Kanjani8. & Kat-Tun)

I was going to update last weekend but my photobucket account won't let me
It keeps crashing and messing up the order of my images

Anyway, this one is going to be pretty big Not too long ago I updated with Arashi  and this week...there's NE, NEWS, Kat-Tun, Kanjani, Ikuta Toma , Fahrenheit, etc. Since photobucket still won't cooperate with me I went ahead and put the phone wallies in a zip-folder and uploaded them on MF So, for phone wallies I will only show you some previews of it this time at the bottom  of this post^^ I'm so sorry and I hope that this is fine with everyone

I'll stop talking for now. Here are the graphics!!
Do not copy, modify and steal
Click on thumbnails to full-view and download


I really like the group wallpaper a lot  It looks sweet that's why  For CL's I made it dark so that it stands out from the other girls. Minzy's is something really simple.  Bommie's is filled with lots of crazy stuff. I ended up making 2 for Dara. For the blue one I was thinking of making it a goddess theme but it ended up looking more like a masquerade ball type of wallpaper. The soft-coral colored one...hmm, I'm not really sure myself since I made that one without really thinking of anything that time. Anyway, have fun using these!!

Oh, I really love GD-Dara but just recently I can't help but really love TaeYang-Dara too^^
Last night I was watching TaeYang-Dara stuff on YT.
I've been corrupted and I like it!!
I wish I realized their compatibility sooner.


It's been a while since I made something for these boys!!
I really like their floating/jumping pics a lot XD
I think I'll make solo wallies of them again soon^^


Yes, it has Jin on them. This was made before Jin went solo. Now that I think about it, I should make solo wallpapers of them again soon. I received some petty messages about these since I mentioned last week that I'm updating with KT stuff. I just make what other people request and want to see. I'm not on anyone's side.


I don't have much K8 scans now that I think about it. I've liked these guys for so long . They are just so funny, adorable, and absolutely wonderful to me  I think that it's about time I make solo wallies of them too  Out of all the K8 members I've only made stuff for Ryo and Ohkura....I know, it's not fair so I'll work on solo ones next time Oh...I need pics though so if anyone can send some to me then 'll be able to work on some faster!! Oh, and if you can send me some Tokio and V6 scans too then I'll be extremely happy

BONUS: I made these a long long time ago but if you're interested you can take them^^
Please use my tags to find what you are looking for!!

NEWS (Group and Solo)

This was originally going to be a birthday banner for somebody. This is actually an unfinished wallpaper but I went ahead and saved them so if anyone is interested...please enjoy using them!! If I ever finish this one...I'll post it up here.

Yamapi!! The two dark-themed ones originally said
"Love You" on them but I switched it to "beyond the clouds""
Looks like I still need to work harder when it comes to coloring XD
In the end I couldn't get the color I wanted.

Out of all the group wallies for NEWS I made Keii-chan's first^^
He sure is doing his best on News Every
It seems that he also follows Sho-sama
Out of all the NEWS members I think I'll get along with him the best

I made his eyes gray XD I like this picture of him a lot^^
It's so natural and so sexy to me!!
Simple and Clean.

Tegoshi's wallies are...inspired by the Shige wallies below XD
I made his purple though...and I made his eyes purple too^^
I like the one on the left the best 

Massu's is inspired by the Park Bom wallies above
I wanted something fun and cute for him
I'm not sure if I managed to achieve that though
These two wallies look really crazy to me

Shige's eyes...I played around with them so they sorta look like marbles!!
I had to dodge and burn them so much.
I had to use 4 colors too!!
Green, Blue, Purple and, Brown
Looking at it...it looks nice but I forgot to add back his pupils
It doesn't bother me much though


Toma-sama must be super busy these days!!
It was nice of him to go to Arashi's recent concert.
He ended up sitting with Maki & Shun. Hana-Kimi Reunion?
Anyway, keep doing your best Toma-sama
I'll always support you

My photobucket is still acting up so phone wallies are in a zip-file.
You can download them from these links
Size 240x320: http://www.mediafire.com/?lvi0n2aap9d5ssl
Size: 240x400: http://www.mediafire.com/?fcx5mzei6a8s78y

Here is a preview of what's included!!

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

That's it from me...for now
I have to come to work extra early tomorrow
and most likely I'll come home super late

It's Jewish New Year and my jewish officemates and bosses won't be around...meaning I'll have major work-load I need to take care of XD Thursday and Friday...will be tough but I'll do my best!! "SHANAH TOVA" to all my wonderful jewish friends

I'll be back with more goodies next time!!
I'lll put these up on my DeviantArt account and Tumblr too^^
Feel free to drop by there too when you have time!!


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